Most ad tech conferences these days feature at least one presentation on how blockchain will revolutionize programmatic buying, but blockchain must overcome a lot of hurdles before it can help ad tech with its transparency issues.


Blockchain, the technology that underpins cryptocurrency, is appealing to ad buyers and publishers who want to make programmatic buying more transparent. That’s because it is an open ledger of transactions that allows large amounts of information (i.e., blocks) to be added to it without compromising security. Since the information is encrypted, nobody can alter the blockchain, which is why it has been useful in finance for currency and data transfers.
Blockchain,加密货币的底层技术,吸引了希望让程序化购买更加透明的广告买家和发布商。 这是因为它是允许大量信息(例如,区块)添加到其中而不损害安全性的事务型开放式分类帐本。 由于信息被加密,所以没有人可以改变区块链,这就是为什么它在货币金融和数据传输方面十分有用。

But blockchain is too slow today to work in real-time bidding situations. And for it to work, every point along the ad supply chain would need to adopt it, which could take a while, given blockchain’s technical complexity.
但是,如今区块链太慢以至于无法在实时竞价情况下工作。 为了使其工作,广告供应链上的每一个点都需要采用它,这可能需要一段时间,因为区块链的技术复杂性。

“The reality is, the industry is still quite archaic,” said Elliot Hirsch, CEO of ad analytics firm AdYapper. “Agencies can’t even figure out how to pay for software that’s not based on a logically flawed CPM pricing model. If they can’t get something that simple figured out, I think we are a long way from using blockchain to cure the ad ecosystem’s ills.”
AdYapper广告分析公司首席执行官Elliot Hirsch说:“事实上,行业还是相当古老。 “代理商甚至弄不清楚如何支付那种不基于逻辑上有缺陷的CPM定价模型的软件。 如果他们不能得到简单的方案,我认为我们从使用区块链来解决广告生态系统的痛点还有很长的路要走。“

Blockchain works in a decentralized format where networks around the world verify transactions. The computing power needed to pull off this verification and encryption is immense, which is why transaction validations take at least 10 seconds and sometimes take over a minute, said Manny Puentes, founder and CEO of Rebel AI, an ad tech firm that has a patent-pending product that uses blockchain to fight domain spoofing. Each handoff must be validated, so if a campaign involves an SSP, exchange, DSP and retargeters, each middleman will compound the latency. Meanwhile, programmatic buying is supposed to occur within milliseconds.
Blockchain以分布式方式工作,遍布世界各地的网络会验证交易。一个具有专利权的广告技术公司Rebel AI的创始人兼首席执行官Manny Puentes表示说,进行验证和加密所需的计算能力是巨大的,这就是为什么交易验证需要至少10秒钟,有时需要一分钟时间。Rebel AI 打造了一款使用区块链打击域欺骗的产品。 每个改变必须被验证,所以如果一个活动涉及一个SSP,exchange,DSP和被重定向者,每个中间人将会增加延迟。 但是,程序化购买应该在几毫秒内发生。

“It sounds like the newest shiny object that is fun to talk about, but damn near impossible to implement,” said Wesley Farris, director of partnerships at programmatic platform Digilant.
Digilant程序化平台的对外合作主管Wesley Farris说:“这听起来像最新的热点物体,很有趣,但是几乎不可能实现。“

To speed up this process, the computers involved with the encryption will need much greater computing power. Since computers are becoming more powerful every day, it is possible that blockchain could eventually be pulled into programmatic buying. However, blockchain is decentralized, so a single company can’t just invest in a supercomputer and expect blockchain to work faster. A speed boost would require thousands of people to upgrade their hardware, which isn’t economically feasible right now.
为了加快这个过程,涉及加密过程的计算机将需要更大的计算能力。 由于计算机每天都变得越来越强大,所以可能最终将区块链接到程序化购买中。 然而,blockchain是分布式的,所以一个单一的公司不能只投资一台超级计算机,并期望区块链更快地工作。 速度提升将需要数千人升级硬件,这在现在经济上是不可行的。

“You are only as fast as your slowest decryption task,” Puentes said. “The technology can be incredibly awesome, but if you can’t put $1 in and get $2 out, it won’t go anywhere.”
Puentes说:“你的速度最快达到你最慢的解密任务速度, 这项技术的好处令人难以置信,但是就像你不能放入$1然后获取$2,它不可能做到所有事情”

The Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab is looking into how blockchain could be used to fight fraud, but it hasn’t yet adopted blockchain because of its speed problems, said Alanna Gombert, gm of the IAB Tech Lab. But Gombert expects blockchain’s speed to eventually improve, and it is possible the Tech Lab could partner with ad tech firms working on blockchain as it reworks its supply-chain protocol to provide more clarity around who touches a given ad impression.
互动广告局技术实验室正在研究如何使用区块链来打击欺诈,但由于速度问题,它还没有采用blockchain,IAB技术实验室的Gambert说。 但是,Gombert期待Blockchain的速度最终得到提高,Tech Lab可能会与在区块链上运作的广告技术公司合作,因为它们重新制定了供应链协议,以便更清楚地了解谁触及给定的广告曝光。

Although blockchain has a long way to go before it can be used in real-time bidding, it can be useful to advertisers to authenticate the people they’re working with when they set up private marketplace deals, Puentes said. Even though PMPs are supposed to help mitigate against the grotesquerie found in open exchanges, PMPs are still prone to domain spoofing. But using blockchain to set these deals up could provide another layer of verification to weed out these shady practices, he said.
Puentes表示,尽管blockchain在达到实时竞价之前还有很长的路要走,但广告客户在建立私人市场交易时,可以使用它对用户进行身份验证。 尽管PMP应该有助于缓解在开放交易中发现的怪兽(译者注:大型作弊活动),但PMP仍然容易发生域名欺骗。 他说,使用blockchain来设定这些交易可能会提供另一层验证来消除这些阴暗的做法。

Blockchain has promise, but ad fraud researcher Augustine Fou doubts it will lead to a cleanup in ad tech because too many people benefit from the supply chain’s opacity.
Blockchain是有保证的,但广告欺诈研究员Augustine Fou怀疑它会导致广告技术的大清理,因为太多的人受益于供应链的不透明度。

“If people wanted transparency in the supply chain, there are many other easier ways to achieve transparency, like stop lying, stop cheating and stop ripping off your own clients by arbitraging a margin,” he said. “You don’t need to apply an unproven buzzword to fix transparency issues in digital advertising.”
他说:“如果人们想要在供应链中实现透明度,还有许多其他更简单的方法可以实现透明度,比如停止说谎,停止作弊,停止从自己的客户身上套利来实现。” “你不需要应用未经证实的流行语(译者注:指区块链)来修复数字广告中的透明度问题。

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Not only in the field of advertising and marketing, the use of blockchain has been amplified, are generally in the concept stage. But it is undeniable that the block chain brings more imagination, especially from the heart of the liberation of people's minds. Such as ICO, so that people's ideas more bold, because no longer subject to the terms of the investors bound.

Blockchain in the field of advertising and marketing, should quickly enter the practical stage. Its performance can not meet the level of RTB, but doesn't mean that it can not be implemented in other aspects of the program, and then step by step closer to real-time bidding. Last but not lease, we have already felt the desire to transform the existing supply chain.


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