A blockchain startup founded by a former chief security officer at LG Electronics is releasing a decentralized search platform he claims will be more secure for users and more cost-effective for advertisers.

Called BitClave, the startup is led by Alex Bessonov, who notably oversaw security controls and research for LG's products in 2015 and 2016, a role where he said he was exposed to how even the most carefully designed technologies can go wrong.
该公司被称为BitClave,由Alex Bessonov领导,他在2015年和2016年期间对LG产品的安全控制和研究工作进行了专门的监督。他表示,他曾经见证过最精心设计的技术出现了错误。

This background, as well as his aspiration to build different kinds of digital systems, eventually led him to create the BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE), a project he began devoting his talents to full-time in late 2016.
这个背景以及他想要构建不同类型数字系统的愿望最终导致他创建了BitClave Active Search Ecosystem(BASE),这个项目他是在2016年底开始全职投入的。

Built on the ethereum blockchain, BASE now aspires to provide an experience akin to a traditional search engine, though one which allows users greater control over how much data they share with advertisers while providing businesses with a more fine-tuned advertising target.

"I always wanted to create systems where you have full control versus somebody reselling your data," he told CoinDesk.

And one of the "biggest pain points" for both consumers and businesses is online advertising where the likes of Google dominate.

He explained:

"You have no say in it and you have no control over your data. On the other hand, if you look from a business's [perspective], you're targeting somebody who Google tells you to target."



Decentralized search

On a more granular level, BASE creates smart contracts between users and the online advertisers they typically encounter, cutting out the ad middleman.

"You create your own identity on blockchain by shopping around, doing things on the internet, going to retail shops and so on," Bessonov said, adding:

"Every time you do something meaningful, this is recorded on the blockchain. It's encrypted with your key so it's private and it’s also anonymized. If you decide to opt into a system and go through a search similar to the Google experience, you can unlock your data."
“每次你做一些有意义的事情,会被记录在区块链上。它使用你的密钥加密,所以它是私有的,它也是匿名的。如果你决定选择一个系统,并进行类似于Google一样的搜索,你可以解锁 你的数据“。

Users are incentivized to use BASE by making searches that are relevant to the advertiser. With each search, a user receives a number of Consumer Activity Tokens (CATs), BASE's dedicated currency, from the online advertiser if the search meets the right demographic.
用户被激励去使用BASE进行与广告客户相关的搜索。 通过每次搜索,如果搜索到正确的信息,用户将从在线广告主那收到一些消费者活动代币(CAT),它是BASE的专用货币。

CAT can then be used for purchases online if a merchant accepts the currency. For example, if a user is searching for a car, they can opt to show data on their location to allow dealerships to advertise to them.
如果商家接受货币,则CAT可以用于在线购买。 例如,如果用户正在搜索汽车,他们可以选择公布自己的地理位置,以允许经销商向他们做广告。

"There'll be a smart contract written by a dealership that will say that criteria A, B and C happened, I'd like to target this person with our advertisement," explained Bessonov.

Ecosystem approach

BitClave is now in the process of building an ecosystem around BASE where retailers can create their own search interface.

So far, the firm claims it's in partnership talks with online retailers to start using the system, and plans to host a crowdsale for CAT tokens later this month to boost awareness among potential users. (BitClave has set a target of having 1 million searches per month later this year.)
到目前为止,该公司声称与网络零售商进行合作谈判,开始使用该系统,并计划在本月晚些时候举办CAT代币众筹,以获取潜在用户的注意。 (BitClave已经设定了一个目标,在今年以后每月有100万次搜索。)

That's an ambitious task, as using Google and Amazon for retail searches has become so ingrained with most web users, but BitClave believes cryptographic tokens have the power to change this behavior.

"There's Google, Facebook, and Amazon and then pretty much everybody else," said Bessonov, concluding:

"We are building an ecosystem where everybody else can participate."


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